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Rainn Stadheim

Rainn J. Stadheim, 12 of rural Reeder, ND tragically passed away at the West River Regional Medical Center in Hettinger, ND on Sunday, June 2, 2024.

Service of Remembrance will be Saturday, June 8, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. MT at the Dakota Prairie Enrichment Center (formerly the Reeder School) in Reeder, ND. Rev. Phil Hahn will officiate and burial will follow at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Reeder, ND. Visitation will be from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Friday, June 7, 2024 at the Centennial Chapel of Evanson Jensen Funeral Homes (700 2nd Avenue South) Hettinger, ND.

In lieu of flowers, a Memorial will be established for Rainn by her family.

Rainn is survived by her parents, Jeremy and Carrie, her brothers, Pitch, Stone and Steele, her sisters Kyan and Kinley and many other relatives, friends, classmates and teammates.

Rainn Judie Stadheim was born January 23, 2012, in Hettinger, North Dakota. Her older siblings wanted to name her Rainbow.

Rainn came home to the family ranch south of Reeder, North Dakota, where she developed into the petite, blonde, soft-hearted toddler who cared for her “babies” from the time she could walk.

Kinley and Kyan took care of her from the day she arrived. After they started school, it was Stone’s job. All it took was a small candy bribe, and she was his shadow for the day.

Before starting school, Rainn was blessed with the friendship of cousins and Sunday School students.

Just after Rainn turned 4, her baby brother arrived. A real live baby to cuddle! Rainn was Mom’s helper when the older kids were in school.

When kindergarten began, with Grandma for a teacher, she couldn’t stop talking about all of her new friends. She even got to play house and take care of babies in school!

Many teachers influenced Rainn, and the parent-teacher conferences were always the same— she was sweet, kind, hard-working and lent a hand to those who needed it. She helped a classmate organize her desk, always taking care of the tiny details.

Rainn spent many blessed mornings in Sunday School. She cherished this time, as well as Bible School and perhaps the best of all – Cedar Canyon Bible Camp last summer.

The day a neighbor delivered a batch of kittens was a big deal for the family. Soon Rainn had more little beings to care for.

Feeding, snuggling, naming and taming the cats became Rainn’s job, along with her sidekick Steele. After intense negotiations between the two, each cat was named.

One evening after an exhausting day in the lambing barn, Rainn didn’t show up at the house as expected. After a frantic search, she was found sleeping in the “cat pen” in the barn, covered and kept warm by her kitties.

Picnics at the river were a favorite activity for Rainn and she wouldn’t let Stone forget that she skipped a rock before he did!

Sleepovers with big sister Kinley were another treat for Rainn and when she had friends and cousins over, they often wound up in Kinley’s room where the giggles, manicures, music and art projects went late into the night.

As Rainn got older she developed a new talent: teasing. Getting under Kyan’s skin or teaming up with her to pester another sibling put Rainn in a good mood!

Whether they were laughing hysterically together over a silly video or Rainn was seeking his advice, big brother Stone was her idol. Nobody but the two of them understood most of their jokes, but that didn’t matter. She beamed with pride when Stone taught her maneuver the stick shift to drive the Dakota.

Steele was the best friend Rainn didn’t know she had. While often bickering, the two were inseparable: building, exploring, choring, giggling, racing, riding. Rainn, the early riser; Steele the night owl, their shared room and bunk bed meant there was never a dull moment.

Playing with or talking to big brother Pitch was always so special to Rainn. A call or text from big brother was simply the best. Then her niece and nephew arrived and somehow they were better than the best.

Her wit came from her dad, and she loved nothing more than to hear him laugh when she’d get one up on a sibling. Her work ethic was steady and focused. Her goal was always to take care of others. The daily watering in the lambing barn was Rainn’s duty and she often grew frustrated when feeding and other jobs slowed her progress. Like her dad, when she started a project, she wanted it done “right now.”

Rainn and her mom spent hours and days working together in the house, garden and barn. Rainn tagged along to sibling activities and entertained mom: picking out music in the car and making sure mom’s wallet, coffee and snacks were available. Devotion and prayer time in the evenings was the most precious of all.

Sewing, cooking and art projects with Grandma Sharon and Grandma Polly brought Rainn immense joy. One-on-one time with Grandma was the best. Rainn’s helpful nature came out on her grandparents’ ranch where one weekend she helped Grandpa Lester fence hay corrals, and recently helped him with a cow during calving.

Rainn started riding Buddy at a young age and they truly became best buddies. She very reluctantly graduated to another horse when, one spring, old Buddy was too stiff to make it past the gate into the pasture bring in a problematic bull.

Riding with her family, grandparents and cousins put a smile on Rainn’s face.

The final days of her life were spent in a new saddle gifted by Grandpa Lynn that brought her much pride.

Born into a family of athletes, Rainn started playing basketball at a very young age, then later volleyball. A quick and feisty player, her agility was obvious from the beginning. She enjoyed the game but cherished the friends she made so much more. Her Ballerz friends, her school teammates and her Ludlow basketball friends will forever hold a special place in her heart. Being organized and on time was a top priority for Rainn. The perpetual lateness and chaos of her large family sometimes pushed her to the brink of craziness.

Rainn tended to many details we will probably never even know. Before starting school, it was a full-time job just keeping track of mom’s glasses and wallet! If a letter needed a stamp or a flower needed to be watered, it was Rainn’s doing.

A rarity in her family, Rainn never lost anything. Her backpack, boots, coat and snowpants went straight to her room where she could find them in the morning. Her dad was always impressed when she jumped out of bed the moment he woke her up. She quickly – sometimes with Kinley’s help – put up her hair each day and then rushed out the door before the bus was even parked, to keep the driver from waiting.

Rainn was capable of so much more than she knew, and often had to be reminded that she COULD do it!

Giving gifts was her love language. Carefully crafting bead art, keychains, beaded bracelets, friendship bracelets for others gave Rainn great joy. Writing letters to friends and receiving a response or a magazine in the mail brightened her day immensely.

Good roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, a cup of tea, a lettuce salad, Ramen noodles, strawberries with sugar and dark chocolate would make Rainn’s day. “That was good, Mom,” were her sweet words after a good meal.

But far above all those earthly pleasures, Rainn loved her Savior Jesus and is in his arms forever. We will see her again and to this truth we cling.

“For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.”  John 3:16