Hereford America Advertising Rates

AD RATES: Sept. 2022-Apr. 2023. Ad rates do not include photos. U.S. FUNDS ONLY.

Updated Ad Rates will be coming soon

Black & White
1 Extra Color
2-Page Spread
Full Page
3/4 Page
2/3 Page
Junior Page
1/2 Page (Island)
1/2 Page (vertical, 2 or 3 col.)
1/2 Page (horizontal)
1/3 Page
1/4 Page
1/8 Strip Ad
1/8 Page
1/16 Strip Ad
1/16 Page
Card Ad (7 issues)
$5 each
$10 each
Social Media Services coming this fall

1 Extra Color = black and white photos plus one extra color of your choice (no metallics or fluorescents) in the ad.
4-Color = color photos and additional color usage in the ad.
Strip ads = run on either top or bottom of page.



Combination of paid and free distribution

Subscribers in every U.S. state plus 7 foreign countries

Area of most subscribers are the upper plains and mountain states of South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota and Kansas

Ads placed and later cancelled are subject to full charges.
DEADLINES: Aug. 2022-Mar. 2023

Ad Deadline
September Issue
Special Emphasis - Fall Sales/Female Sales
Aug. 4
October Issue
Special Emphasis - Fall Sales/Early Consignment Sales
Sept. 5
November/December Issue
Special Emphasis - SD Excellence/Cornhusker Classic/North Star/GoPher/Reno/Denver
Oct. 5
January Issue
Special Emphasis - Denver/Sioux Empire/Black Hills Stock Show/Watertown
Dec. 5
February Issue
Special Emphasis - Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic/Denver Results/Bull Sales
Jan. 5
March Issue
Special Emphasis - A.I./Bull Sales
Feb. 5
April/May Issue
Special Emphasis - Spring Wrap-up/Private Treaty Sales/A.I.
Mar. 5
Card Ad Deadline
Aug. 5


Have ALL of your ad materials to us by the 1st of the month prior to the ad deadline and receive a 10% discount


Add 10% to total. Strict cut-off will be enforced. Please talk to Jill Hotchkiss at 605-866-4495 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Standard mail (US residents):
1 year = $20 • 2 years = $35

First class mail (US residents):
1 year = $30 • 2 years = $55

Foreign (non-US residents):
1 year = $30

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