2017 Midwest Classic

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2017 Midwest Classic

Pipestone, MN


12:00 pm


2017 General Rules

Entries are due June 1st ($40/head).
Late entries will be accepted until 11a.m. on June 24th ($60/head), based on stalling space. 
The Entry Fee includes barn bedding.
Tie-outs are available at no cost, bedding is not provided for tie-outs
Cattle may begin arriving in the afternoon on Friday June 23rd
Cattle must be checked-in by 11a.m. on Saturday, June 24th
Heifers, Bulls, and Cows must have original registration papers at time of check-in.
Bulls must be bred and owned by the junior (not a family/ranch/farm name)
Heifers in the Bred & Owned Heifer classes must be bred and owned by the junior (not a family/ranch/farm name), these heifers need only to pay one entry fee.
Calves shown as part of a Cow/Calf pair must pay a separate entry fee if you wish to exhibit the calf as an individual.
Steers must have original AHA Steer Certificate or Pedigree at time of check-in.
Steer classes will be split at the discretion of the committee based on entries and weights.
Health papers will be checked by an accredited veterinarian at time of check-in.
                                      All animals must meet MN state health requirements.

10.  All tattoos must be legible, if not the animal(s) will be disqualified for exhibition.

11.  Horned and Polled cattle will show together.

12.  Fitting of animals is allowed for all classes except showmanship.

13.  Showmanship divisions are as follows, based on your age as of January 1, 2017.

1.      Senior (18-21)

2.      Intermediate (14-17)

3.      Junior (10-13)

4.      Pee Wee (7-9)

14.  All exhibitors will be listed on the Showmanship form in the Show Arena by age division. If you wish to not participate in showmanship please cross your name off by Noon on Saturday as class breaks in each division will be made at that time.

15.   All persons making entries in the show agree to abide by all the rules and regulations as outlined above and by the American Hereford Association and will not hold the American Hereford Association, Minnesota Junior Hereford Breeders or the 2017 Midwest Classic Hereford Show or its organizers responsible for accident, loss, or injury to any person, animal, or article.




Team Fitting Contest Rules

***A team will consist of three (3) members of any age, but only one (1) may be 16 or older***

~Each team must provide its own animal and all supplies (chute, blower, clippers, adhesive, etc.)

~Each animal will be made wet before the start by a contest official.

~Each team will have 30 minutes to fit their animal.

~When time is up one member of the team will parade the animal in front of the judge(s) and the

    judge(s) will comment and announce winners.

~Sign up your team in the Show Arena by 3p.m. on Saturday